Emergency call.* MINI TO THE RESCUE.

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If the unfortunate happens, MINI is on hand to help. With the optional intelligent Emergency Call system, your MINI sends a distress call to the BMW Group Call Centre, so help will swiftly arrive.

Automatic Emergency Call.

If you’re in an accident and unable to call for help, it’s good to know that your MINI will. Emergency Call automatically sends a distress call direct to the BMW Group Call Centre with key data from your car, including your exact location, type of collision, and status of the airbags and front seat belts, so you can get the help you need as fast as possible.


Manual Emergency Call.

Get swift emergency assistance at the push of a button – for yourself or others. The same vital set of data will be sent, but you can also explain the situation via an integrated microphone so that appropriate help can arrive quickly.


Detailed Information and Legal Restrictions for MINI Connected Teleservice and Emergency-Call.